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Since 2007, Anna Alvarado has explored the human spirit in all its intricate facets. Infused with thought provoking, vibrant and emotional rawness, her sensual figurative paintings and drawings explore being Latino in the US and a woman. Anna’s art is infused with her Mexican heritage, fearlessly making use of its bold colors, powerful symbols and extraordinary folklore.

Anna’s canvas of choice is wood because she reveres the medium’s individual beauty and its ability to create illusions. She likens wood, with its breathtaking organic splendor, to women. Through her masterful use of multi-colored permanent makers and stain, she has developed her own vocabulary for expressing what it’s like to be a 21st century woman of Latin American descent. She focuses on extracting the individual imperfection in the wood’s grain, nooks and crannies and in pulling out the singular gracefulness of the material. Her drawings and paintings showcase the material’s exquisite beauty that she believes also exists in every woman. Her aim, through her art, is for women to see their perfection in their imperfections.

In the 300-plus piece series, "Pieces of Me", "Hecho con Carino", "Eastside Luv", “Viva la Mujer”, "Alma, Corazon Y Vida" and"Dulce de Tamarindo" Anna explored the theme of women’s irrepressible spirit.

Anna’s paintings and drawings are held in private collections of business owners, corporate executives, educators, government, and community leaders. She has been exhibited in the following galleries and venues: ChimMaya Gallery, Mi Vida, SPARC Gallery (The Social and Public Art Resource Center), Avenue 50 - Two Tracks Studio, Casita Del Pueblo, El Gallo Plaza, Corazon Del Pueblo, Calacas, Cactus Gallery, Gallery Azul, Senor Fish, Downtown First Street Studios, Antigua Coffee House, Hecho Con Carino - Placita Olvera, IMAC: Instituto Municipal De Arte Y Cultura in Tijuana and Urban Latino Media Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Her artwork has also appeared on ABC’s “The Fosters” and in Latina, Cosmopolitan for Latinas and Chicano Channel magazines.

Anna has also donated her work to HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality), HOT: Hispanic Outreach Taskforce, Latinas Contra Cancer, Community Lawyers, Inc, Scholarships for Scholars of Montebello, Speech and Language Development Center and CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles).  

Her painting, “Te Espero,” graces the cover of the critically acclaimed book, “The New Latina’s Bible,” by Sandra Guzmán (Seal Press, 2011).

While Anna studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle, she is a self-taught painter.

Born in 1972 on the eastside of Los Angeles, Anna was raised by her grandparents who instilled a love of art and encouraged her creative spirit.

The artist resides with her family in West Covina, California.